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How green do you want to be?

Energy rated windows

Our award winning Super Fortress 70 windows are available with the following features: -

  • High security internally beaded

  • Sculpted or Chamfered profile

  • 28mm double glazed sealed units

  • Charcoal grey super spacer bar

  • High thermal performance glass

  • U’value of 1.4

  • ‘B’ energy rated as standard

  • Recommended by the energy saving trust

  • Kitemarked to British Standards BS 7914, BS EN 1279 and BS EN 12600.

  • Improved security to Secured by Design standards


Up to 30% of heat in a home is lost through its windows. Energy efficient windows can reduce this by a staggering 94%, helping you to save energy and money on your heating bills.

Recent calculations by the Glass and Glazing Federation show that there are significant savings to be made from upgrading to energy rated windows, in some cases up to £697 per year. Log on to and use the ‘carbon calculator’ to find out exactly how much you could be saving each year!


Installing energy efficient windows could save you up to £697 per year

These thermal images show the difference that can be made by installing energy rated windows.

In the top image you can see the heat dissipating through the frame and glass, (the red and orange areas).

The image below was taken after installing a new B rated window, you can see that the amount of heat being lost through the frame is dramatically reduced.

Other benefits of our energy efficient window range:

  • Using warm edge spacer bar the internal glass is warmer which can help reduce condensation by up to 70%

  • Less condensation will also reduce the build up of mould and bacteria around the window.

  • Warm edge spacer bar also helps reduce noise transmission by up to 2dB.

  • Energy efficient windows will help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions, not to mention saving you money!

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